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Where’s The “Pause” Button?

on May 18, 2015

Sometimes in my life I wish, like on the TV remote, there was a “pause” button.  When things are moving too fast or not going the way you want, or have planned, wouldn’t it be nice to just hit PAUSE?

I guess that would be too easy?

I don’t like change; I get very settled in and comfortable.  There is a certain ease that comes along with being predictable, of knowing the future and all that it entails.  I’m a planner and when those plans go awry it’s disconcerting – to say the least.

It can be something as small as having movie plans for days with four friends for a Friday night, and that day two people cancel.  It can be something as large as reviewing your longterm financial plans with your money manager only to be told that something you love and are passionate about, you are going to have to give up.

You live a good life, you are a friend to others, you follow the rules, you help out any time there is a need.  You honor your faith, your family and your friends yet still disappointing things happen.  It becomes obvious that you do not get to ask “why?” because there is no clear cut answer.  Sometimes things just don’t go your way, sometimes people and their actions are going to disappoint you, sometimes LIFE is going to disappoint you.

You want to hit the “pause” button and catch your breath and figure things out.  No such luck.  There is no “pause” button in life, you just muddle through the best you can.

I’m reminded of the classic line in the Cher movie, “Moonstruck” when she slaps the guy and says, “Snap out of it!”   I need to learn how to snap out of it because there is no pause button and life is going to keep moving on regardless of my wishes, dreams and desires.

If you ever need to figure out how to deal with your life, just listen to a C&W song!

“Brick by brick, you let it go, as you walk away from everything you know.”

This is going to be a very hard week for me as I walk away from something I love because I can no longer “afford” it.  I wish there was a “pause” button so I wouldn’t have to give it up but alas – not to be.  If you’ve ever had to do the same thing, I feel your pain and I know you feel mine.  I’m just going to have to snap out of it I suppose . . .


One response to “Where’s The “Pause” Button?

  1. Bryn says:

    It is hard to give up things but I have found therevis more to come or different things come when I let go!

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