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Doing Things Alone? Choice or Not?

on June 3, 2015

Sometimes I have the VERY best of intentions.  I go through phases of being really glad I’m alone, to times of being really lonely.  My intentions are to become more settled with the “alone” life – to learn not be annoyed at not being in possession of a “plus one” – no where close (to having a plus one OR being settled about it).

I read articles all the time on the merits of being alone.  I attend events alone and I feel like I have a sign around my neck that says:  “Can’t get a date”!   My friends tell me not to be silly, it’s totally acceptable to be “sans man” at an event, at a dinner, in life.

When I have traveled, I have gone to restaurants alone and tried to look comfortable – but I’m just not.  Where do you look??  My eyes end up down, staring at my food.  I like conversation with my meals, shoot . . . , I like conversation period.  The service staff try to be friendly and perky, but they have other customers so you feel guilty taking up too much of their time.

Going to the movies alone was one of my first forays into the “single world” again.  You sit in the dark, no one notices or if they do, you don’t feel so obvious.  Besides, you don’t have to share your popcorn with anyone else, right?

So I believe one of my next “good intentions” to work on is embracing doing things alone and becoming more comfortable with it.  I share the blog below to further my resolve!!

But hey, if you’re up for hanging out – – – give me a call!!


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