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JJ Watt For President!

on December 5, 2016

You might have figured out at some point that I’m from Texas.  Been here my entire life.   Father from Houston/San Antonio, Mother from Rusk, a small East Texas town.  They met in Deer Park, TX – she was his boss’ secretary.  Today that would be an Executive Assistant.

He was an Engineer, a bit wild and crazy and loved to dance; she was East Texas Baptist Bible belt.  He was Episcopalian, she liked to dance (uh oh).  They married after WWII but before Korea.  We lost my Father in 1998 at the age of 87, my Mother will turn 98 on Christmas Eve 2016.

I come from hardy stock.

They settled in Houston, and never left until after I graduated High School.  They did not travel far, only to San Marcos in Central Texas.  For me however, Houston, has always been home.

There are many things to love about Houston (and things such as humidity and heat – we tolerate), but one of my most fav??  JJ Watt, #99 on the Houston Texans pro football team.  He’s been plagued with injuries the past two seasons, and we miss him terribly.

He reminds us that grown men playing a sport that most only get to do in Middle School or High School, can still believe in doing it right.  He recently posted this on his FB page and it brought a smile to my face.

When faced with adversity, you can let it run over you and defeat you, OR, you can face it head on and refuse to quit.  I share with you his story below, and have to say – WTG JJ!!!  You are an inspiration!!

(And just in case I get some nay sayers here that say, HEY, what does he do for others???  You have NO idea what all he does for our community – and his home community – he gives back 100 fold.  He just would never toot his own horn!)

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

“Am I Done?”


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