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Finances – You Gotta Have A Plan!

on July 7, 2016

The other day, I was perusing articles of similar content to my blog, and subsequent book.  I love being able to share and pass along information to you all when I find something of value!

These two sites seem to hold valuable information when searching for financial planners, etc.  Whether your divorce is impending, current or past and “over” – this will always be good information for you to have.  Even for those of you still married, someday you may be alone and/or widowed – you still have to know how to make smart decisions.  Therefore, I share:

“Dear Liz: Every so often your column mentions an organization that lists financial planners that are fee-only. I cannot find this information on your site. Please keep mentioning this in your column.

Answer: You can get referrals to fee-only planners who charge by the hour at If you’re looking for fee-only planners who charge a retainer or a percentage of assets, you’ll find those at”

Always looking out for you!!


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