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What Not To Wear After 50 . . . Tongue In Cheek . . . Sorta!

on March 17, 2016

Here’s another shared idea from a faithful blog follower and personal friend from my DRG.

(in case you’ve forgotten some of my abbreviations, DRG = Divorce Recovery Group)

Thanks KO!!  (and no I don’t mean knock-out, although if provoked she might could . . . especially the ex-husband’s mistress)

Though this article was definitely written to be a bit sarcastic and ironic, I think it shares valuable insights on how we can get too bogged down thinking how we SHOULD act at a certain stage in life.  Haven’t we finally arrived to the age of deserving to let loose a bit?

Enjoy the humor, and let loose a little!!

(And Happy St. Patrick’s Day)


One response to “What Not To Wear After 50 . . . Tongue In Cheek . . . Sorta!

  1. Bryn says:

    Great article. Love it. I had my morning laugh.

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