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Dating – The Old Fashioned Way?

on October 13, 2015

I saw this a while back, but decided to hang onto it since I was SOOOOOO “over” dating.  I revisited it today along with other “ideas” that I had stored for future use.

Nothing has changed recently regarding my “alone-ness”.  If anything, the last POI (Person Of Interest) who became the POS (Person of  . . . well . . . you know), who then became a POI again since he surprised me with a visit while I was in my alma mater’s city for football, became a POS again for reasons that aren’t even worth wasting your time.

When I saw this article below I had to laugh.  When was the last time any of us had treatment remotely close to the suggestions below?   Who raised these men, and sadly forgot to teach them manners?  Or, what happened along the way to cause them to lose those manners if they were taught to them.

*** No Diva J, this is not for you, we all know you have the perfect “other” in your life! ***

But for those ladies “post divorce” and contemplating dating and putting yourself out there, read these habits and let me know if you’ve met anyone that shows signs of them . . .

. . . cause I surely haven’t.

If we don’t show some respect for ourselves, no man is going to.


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