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Bah – Humbug . . . . . No Wait, . . . . Wrong Holiday

on February 13, 2015



Ha!!  What to say about “tomorrow” – Valentine’s Day?

Maybe you have a Valentine, or maybe a date, or maybe your family sent you a card?

Or maybe you’re like me and you’re sitting there today in a hair salon, getting a shampoo and a blowdry and the stylist assumes you’re getting it done for “big plans”!!  “So, . . . . (pause) . . . . are you doing something special this weekend?”

You hesitate, because should you take it out on her that you’re still single, and still alone, and still doubting there’s anyone out there that wants to love you and be your “mate”?

Nah!  Your good breeding tamps down the negative response that pops in your brain and you smile inanely and say, “Oh – no special plans.  Probably hang with some friends!  You?”

I’m the mother of sons, and they hate Valentine’s.  They claim it’s a conspiracy between Hallmark card shops and chocolate and flower shops.  Now THAT’S the spirit.  I taught them better than that but hey – they’re dudes and dudes don’t get all mushy, right??

I think back to a particular Valentine’s “surprise trip” I had planned for my then spouse, to Santa Fe.  One of our close friends “couple” went with us.  A beautiful and romantic place, Santa Fe – or at least it can be.  He gifted me with a beautiful gold bracelet cuff that had a heart on each end.  His take?  Two hearts coming together – just like he and I.

Too bad that I later found the receipt for what he’d also purchased for his girlfriend – alas you can see why I might be a bit jaded on the big “V” Day.  Real love and compassion and caring for another individual shouldn’t be about one day, it should be every day.

But that’s a Cinderella dream, and this Sleeping Beauty’s heart will probably remain Frozen since I refuse to play the part of Dumbo any more.

Chocolates anyone?





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