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on February 5, 2015


I saw this on Facebook today.   I was taking a break from paperwork and scoping out things on the internet.

It’s one of those “stay at home days” with workers getting some repairs done that I’d been putting off.  It’ll be worth staying “home” if all the workers show and all the work is actually accomplished, but – – – what are the odds?

When I saw this, it just struck a chord, because lately I’ve been feeling really “left out in the cold”.  Abandoned isn’t really the right word, but it’s something similar – I just haven’t come up with it yet.  Nothing reminds you how “alone” you are like having to be the only person “in charge” and with no one there to back you up.

No one is around to share, to give you a hand up, to help you through the trials of daily living.  Running a household, making life’s day to day decisions, having to make choices that are expensive and that you will be stuck with for quite a while.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to bat those ideas around with?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fully capable of making these decisions, I know I am.  What I miss is the sharing of those decisions.  The process of talking things through with another person, sharing your thoughts, the pros and cons.  Knowing there is someone else there to share those decisions with, whether they end up being good decisions or bad.

It would be nice to have a partner to run those thoughts “by”, to get their take.  NOT someone who only wants to tell you what to do all the time, I had that – never going back BUT . . . just a way to share.  As a single female, or just as a person in general, you never know that everything  is going to be alright, none of us do.

But the occasional hug, someone to squeeze your hand, a shoulder to lay your head against . . . someone to tell you that you are not in this alone – that’s what I miss.  Am I making sense?  Sometimes putting your thoughts out there is difficult, you’re feelings are so clear to you, but can you express them in such a way that others “get it”?

Will everything “be alright”?  Only time will tell – but for now, the workers are working and I’m taking it one repair at a time . . .



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