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Happy Memorial Day Weekend – But Look Out . . .

on May 26, 2014

Those of us who had/have parents, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters or any relations in the armed services understand better than anyone what today is all about.  We offer thanks and gratitude to those who kept/keep our country safe and prayers for those who gave their lives doing it.

The retailers understand holidays, time off, the beginning of summer and shoppers looking for sales.  To them Memorial Day is also about getting you into their stores either in person or through cyber space.  It’s tempting.  My email’s inbox has been inundated all day and over the past week with hundreds of “Memorial Day Sales”.  I peruse to see if anything strikes my fancy and then stop myself to wonder – Am I buying this simply because it is a good deal?  Do I truly  need it, would I be buying it anyway?

Chances are very good that after a divorce, your shopping power has diminished.  Even if you have a great paying job, you now have to make plans for the future to know that YOU will be able to take care of YOU!  No one else is standing in line to do it for you.

Before you shell out your hard-earned cash, there are a few things you should do. Namely? Ask yourself the below 10 questions before buying anything expensive.  Getting something new may give you a temporary high, but when it gets right down to it, did you really need it or are you just getting caught up in the hype?  Use the below link to ask yourselves these questions.  I leave it to you to decide about that next tempting “sale item”, but being thoughtful about your finances just shows everyone around you that you are truly a smart lady capable of taking care of her financial well-being.

I’m tossing the catalogs and deleting the emails, think I’ll be happy with what I have for the time being!  : -)


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