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A Losing Battle – – –

on May 19, 2014

1385406_10151708747556439_1612600911_n . . . Good words to live by,

But is it reality?

Arguing and fighting with your past is a losing battle, you cannot go back and alter what’s happened.  The ol’ saying, “What’s done is done”  is accurate.  No one ever said however, that it would be easy to accept.

I’m now entering my seventh year of divorce and I truly do find myself getting stronger every day and feeling happier about where my life is heading.  It’s not been an easy road to walk down, and many times I’ve felt that I have been walking done that recovery road alone.

I know and appreciate the support I’ve received from family and friends along the way but for the most part your journey is accomplished alone.  How you travel that road is entirely up to you.  Along the way I’ve made some good decisions and some bad ones.   Mostly they have been good.

The further down that road I walk, the greater the distance I put between myself and some of the people I used to think were so important in my life.  Today, when I stumble and fall backwards there are fewer people there to watch my back.  Is that normal?  Would that have happened anyway even if I had not been left by my husband?

I’ll never know the answer to that question since “What’s done is done”, but I will say that where I thought my life was headed ten years ago has certainly changed to where I feel it’s headed in the present day.  Some days your head isn’t held high, it just sinks down in a hole of despair that you will ever know what it feels like to be held and loved again.  Other days it peaks out from the hole and strains to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sometimes counting your blessings and moving on with your held held high isn’t enough . . . but it’s a start.



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