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What Happens When You DON’T “Auto Renew” – – –

on May 13, 2014

Recently I told you I’d “had it” with the online dating world.  They’ll throw statistics at you about their success rates but really??  How do we actually know they’re THAT successful?  Have you ever met anyone that’s had success with “Happily Ever After” from an online dating service?


Me neither!


It seems I’ve gotten their attention by turning “Auto Renew” OFF,  and I’m receiving dating advice now from eHarmony!  What I don’t need is dating advice from eHarmony,, OKCupid or Match.  What I needed was a better pool of “candidates”!


That said, I’ve looked over their blog posts and some of their ideas are good and certainly relevant on an even playing field – I just never found that playing field.  After all, you really can’t cross things off your shopping list if you just drive by the store and don’t even get out of the car to look around.


So for whatever it’s worth, I’ll share with you some of the things that they are sharing with me but I make no promises it’ll make your life any different, or dating any better.  Myself??  I have a hot date tonight with my DVR and “Jack Bauer”!  “24” is back – life is good!!


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