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I’ve Got My Left-Turn Blinker ON!!

on July 8, 2019


Ha!!  It’s been a crazy 10 days, and when I saw this, I definitely decided I need a direction change.  I gotta tell you, that little rain cloud over my head is getting durned annoying.

A week ago Thursday, had to put down one of my dogs.  They’re all special, and she was 13 1/2, but she was my spirit animal.  Rescued her after my divorce was final, and we moved into our new “single life” home together the first night.  It was really hard letting her go.

Less than a week after that, my other two escaped the yard that has an electric fence, that unfortunately had been severed by the landscapers – bad time to find out.  Chasing a deer, pretty instinctual, but not having the fence working certainly didn’t slow them down.  Good samaritan to the rescue, I thought my luck was changing.  Crossing the heavily traveled road hot on the tail of that deer, well . . . . let’s just say everyone is amazed that those dogs survived their adventure.  (Longest 11 minutes of my life, as my FitBit watch recorded my heart rate during the chase as being on an elliptical)

Then the printer decides to die, printhead error – what the heck is a printhead?  So FINE!!  I’ll start looking for a good replacement.  And I’ll be able to go buy it when the car (that died in the garage Saturday) recovers from a dead battery drained by an alternator that needs to be replaced because YES – I really really wanna spend that extra $500??

OK – enough whining, but starting tomorrow – that left turn blinker will be flashing BRIGHT!


One response to “I’ve Got My Left-Turn Blinker ON!!

  1. Firstly let me just say that I’m so sorry for what you are going through currently, and have gone through in the past. It was because of all these types of questions and feelings that led me to find a support group (friends are great, but you need to talk with people who have been though it), write a book on divorce recovery (Suddenly Single Women’s Guide to Surviving Divorce on Amazon) and begin to reach out through this blog.
    Short version of my journey? YES! I, after years of being a daughter, a wife, a mother, have finally found “me”. I have faced many ups and downs, but continually gotten stronger, regained my self confidence (they tend to beat yours down when it threatens their ego) and have become SO much stronger, happier and excited about the future – whether it be as a single or some day in another relationship.
    You have to heal yourself first, and take your time with this. Don’t fall for all those helpful people’s well intentioned guidance to “move on”, “snap out of it”, “shake it off”!
    You will find yourself, you will find your center grounded and your heart happy again. Promise!! Wishing you all the best!!!

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