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When Life Is Like The Movies?

on June 27, 2015

I never saw the movie “Fifty First Dates”.  A rather silly premise that a woman has no memory of each “first date” with the same man, over and over?  Good thing that man must have a strong ego, wouldn’t you begin to wonder about yourself after being forgotten by the same person 50 times?

My dilemma?  I can’t seem to be remembered after the “first” date!!  Who gets fifty chances?  I wish there were exit interviews these men had to go through (with honesty – too much to ask for??) so we at least had some clue why there is never a “second” date?

There were a couple early on post divorce where there was more than one date, but those were long ago.  In that past 4-5 years, no “seconds”.  I suppose if my eating habits were like my dating I’d be really skinny!!

You have what you think is a lovely time.  You have many things in common, many subjects to talk about.  They say all the right things.  They suggest that we should “do this again”.  Afterwards, you’re feeling pretty good that you will see this person after the appropriate amount of waiting time.  You’re not suggesting wedding bells, you’re just thinking that next time you’ll share your favorite restaurant and your thoughts on some new topics of conversation.

After this first date, there may be a couple of phone calls, some flirty texts, a comment or two on your Facebook adventures.  Heaven forbid, there might even be a phone message wishing you a Happy Birthday.  When you next talk you share travel schedules, etc. but there is never the next “ask”, only suggestion . . . .    WHAT??

And they say women tease?  This is NOT Middle School.  I took myself off of the dating websites because they were a waste of time and completely about filling someone’s corporate pockets full of the money of lonely people trusting profiles filled out by total strangers.

If I went out again, it would just be with someone KNOWN by a friend of mine, or a suggestion of a colleague who knows my personality.  Safer right?

In my life that movie title certainly means something totally different.  So, as summer really begins to heat up, what is cooling down in my life is the desire to even try anymore.  As I’ve said before – Netflix is the way to go!

Maybe I’ll watch “Fifty First Dates” this weekend . . .


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