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on September 29, 2014

Trust never used to be an issue for me.  I grew up in an honest family, I had honest friends, I was an honest person myself.  I was insulated – that’s for sure.  The older I get the more I learn that there are many untrustworthy people out there.

They think nothing of a little white lie, and that’s only the beginning.  What about “lying by omission”?  Can you trust a person who chooses not to tell you something?  That’s a gray area for most.  When my ex was living “outside the bonds of marriage”, I had friends that knew what was going on.  They chose not to tell me.  That’s a lie by omission.  Acting like everything was great, life was good, all were happy.  All were NOT happy.

So when it comes time to think about putting yourself out there again, once you’re past the initial stages of healing from your divorce, how easy do you think it’ll be for you to trust once again?  I trusted too quickly and had my heart stepped all over by a man I cared about.  Each time that happens I will be more inclined to not trust, to protect myself – but that’s just me.

Below is one of many articles about dating and trusting once again.  Maybe it will provoke some thoughts that you need to consider because none of us ever again want to go through what we’ve already been through.  As always I welcome your thoughts!


4 responses to “Trust?

  1. It’s a loss of self respect that maybe they never had? My Dad and Mom were great in making sure we had self respect and lived our lives with integrity. You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else.

  2. Bryn says:

    I agree with Jinx that too many women “look the other way” to keep their life style. It is such a shame and loss of potential happiness.

  3. Jinx Chiles says:

    If you haven’t seen “Blue Jasmine”—it is a must!!! Kate Blanchett is wonderful in it, and has the wealthy luxury life. Her friends said that when she didn’t really want to know something, she just turned her head…..when it was her husband making money illegally….however, when it came to the fact that he finally was leaving her; she turned him into the FBi; he went to prison(lost his girlfriend, and hung himself); and “Jasmine: ” lost EVERYTHING, too. Neither, had any spirituality; they only cared about their luxurious lifestyle and impressing all the “rich” people.

    With what I have seen in my lifetime, and all the people I have known, there is hardly a man out there that doesn’t cheat on their wives, but the wives don’t care; they love their lifestyle.
    I personally, don’t know how people can spend the money on themselves as they do, when so many people are hurting all over the world. I am not a socialist, but material things are so unimportant and actually have no value at all, and we don’t take them with us when we live this world. Do we see jewelry on ourselves, or do we wear it to impress others. Isn’t one or two rings enough?????
    People do not like to talk about these things, but most are like this.
    Mother Teresea gave away all of her millions and lived like Christ, and died the happiest most fulfilled person since Christ.

    TRUST????????????? In GOD, I trust, and no one else……!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The more I see of HUMANS the more I love animals……………..Jinx

    • I have seen Blue Jasmine! It was a wonderful movie, well portrayed about just how lost some women can get in that never ending cycle of competing with the “Jones’es” when probably the Jones’es aren’t all that happy themselves. We all need to place more value on ourselves, and helping others!

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