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A Bit Of Humor For A Monday – – –

on November 18, 2013

0        OK – OK – I know this is irreverent but a dear sweet friend who follows my blog sent this to me and I just couldn’t resist a little bit of humor for a Monday.  Thanks KO!!

I promise you this is shared with you totally tongue in cheek, because even though infidelity was ultimately the “beginning of the end” for my 30 year marriage, there are always multiple things that go “wrong” and at least two sides to every coin, right?

The further the distance grows between the marriage and my new single life, the clearer some things become when I really look long and hard.  Sometimes it’s too uncomfortable to look back and try to dissect all the things that went wrong, or to acknowledge all the warning signs that were there.  Closing your eyes is easy.

We all deal with difficult things in different ways.  My way was to try to “fix”, first myself, then the relationship.  It not only could not be fixed, but at that point it really wasn’t worth all the effort I put into saving a marriage that he had already “checked out” of.

I’d have done anything to spare my sons the pain and suffering of learning the truth about a man who preached ethics and morality and integrity, but chose not to live by those same things.   You reach a time however when the most important person you need to protect and take care of is just yourself.  It’s scary and frightening especially as we age to think about being alone, with no one around to help take care of us or guide us or hold us.

Take heart though, as I have learned, I am strong, I am resilient and so can you be.  Your divorce is not “The End”.  You will not know real freedom or feel true release until you try – and whether your love was interrupted by a slut like the above cartoon or not, be the better person and rise above it all.  The view up here can be pretty wonderful!




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  1. Kathy says:

    Woohoo, dear friend!

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