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In Keeping With the Theme of Being “Positive”, Another “share” – –

on January 4, 2013

It’s the New Year, many blogs and posts are sharing positive thoughts and plans for 2013.   Since we survived the Mayan Calender, the end of the world, and the Fiscal Cliff, we must look forward to 2013, right?

To follow those I shared the other day, here is another set from renown designer Bill Stubbs.  Enjoy and take note!

Ten Classic Achievements for 2013

Posted on January 2, 2013 by 1glimpsesoftruth1


This Christmas with my Daughter Courtney and her husband Robert Hunter and my son Chad Stubbs. Remember, the blessings begin at home.

  1. Be a blessing – There are so many ways we can bless one another without having to change our daily MO!  It’s so important that we acknowledge those around us– those people in our lives that we see every day–with a warm smile and hello.  I know how I feel when someone looks through me like I don’t exist!  Of course, there are many ways to bless others, but establishing a connection is a great place to start.  And it segues so well into the next achievement on my list.
  2. Give more – We were created to give.  It’s in our very DNA.  So why do we hold on so tightly to our resources?  Once we get in the habit of giving—time, talent and treasures—it heightens the desire to give.  I have always found when I feel in need, or fearful about money, giving is the antidote and a return to abundance.
  3. Embrace technology – The world doesn’t have much patience with me when I say I’m not “techno-savvy”.  If a two-year-old can pick up an IPad and navigate, so can we.  There are a number of resources when you purchase your gadgets—check those out first.  Apple’s success rate has a lot to do with the Apple store model of helping buyers set up and operate their purchases and return any time they have a question or problem.
  4. Mentor young people – None of us make it on our own.  Although you may like to say you’re a self-made person, at the end of the day, there were many people lending a helping hand along the way.  So, don’t ignore the young people in your life.  They are eager to learn, they are bright, and you can help them avoid cynicism from the get-go when they remember that once upon a time, someone saw something wonderful in them.
  5. Pace yourself – I have been known to say, “You can sleep when you die” when people ask about my rapid pace.  And I still believe you need to wring out every ounce of life in a day, but, to be my best, I realize that prioritizing allows me to operate in a more purposeful mode, which makes for more creativity and more interesting times.  I would still rather wear out, than rust.
  6. Ramp up your products/services – The design business has to be one of the most fascinating in the world, but it moves at a dizzying pace.  So I am always cognizant of the importance of adding value to my work—whether it is focusing on the tiniest detail, or creating the unexpected, but highly appreciated décor for my clients.
  7. Set goals with timetables – Just like you, I have a ton of goals!  But what good are they if we don’t review along the way, and stick to our drop-dead deadlines.  This year my goals will not be launched without a deadline attached to them.
  8. Celebrate the beginning and ending of each day – My days always go better when I wake up with an attitude of gratitude.  And even after a bad day, I can always find an accomplishment that made its way into my day!  So my focus is on all the good things I am going to do and then at the end of the day, I focus on the ones that were actually achieved.  Try it, it will surprise you how many wonderful things you do achieve in a period of 24 hours!
  9. Diversify – This has become a byword for the 21st Century.  And it’s such a cool thing—because it allows us to erase those self-made boundaries we’ve drawn, and expand them to let in all kinds of new people, places, foods, ideologies, games, and philosophies.
  10. Establish/retool my personal style—at home, at work, my wardrobe – I like to think that I am an evolving, growing individual.  As the years go by, our likes and dislikes begin to fit us like a comfortable shoe.  But in 2013, I want to do things differently.  I want new textures, and new sounds and new colors in my life.  I want to spread my wings a little bit and dare to be unpredictable, in a tasteful way of course.  Better to be a flowing stream than a stagnant pond.

I hope these ideas will resonate with you in 2013.  Isn’t it wonderful to live in a great big beautiful world, where our only limitations come from within?  Happy New Year to you and yours!



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