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When the Light Bulb goes off!!

on March 21, 2012

Yep – when that light bulb goes off, it gets your attention.  Of course, you’re probably thinking that I’m referring to a light bulb going off in your “brain”.  You’re thinking I’m referring to one of those “AHA”  moments in life where you finally figured something out that’s been stumping you.  Well, not this time.  I’m literally referring to when that durn light bulb goes off and you have to do something about it!

This was brought home to me recently when I had a light bulb “pop” and burn out.  I came downstairs to find a darker room than when I’d left it some five minutes earlier.  One of the recessed can’s light bulbs had blown.  No problem I thought, I can grab a ladder and a fresh bulb and change it myself . . . . . . right????

Wrong – I don’t have a ladder tall enough.  I have a ladder ALMOST tall enough.  I have those lovely tall ceilings that everyone is so fond of these days!   Remember when ceilings used to be 8 feet??  Now you go into an older home with 8 foot ceilings and you feel like you’re in a cave.  Everyone has 10 foot or 12 foot ceiling now.  Great, wonderful, how open it makes your room feel until you lose a light bulb, and you’re only 5’7″, and you don’t have a tall enough ladder and, OK – here it comes, you don’t have a man around the house who IS taller than 5′ 7″.

I stretched my reach, I thought bad thoughts, and I almost tossed the new light bulb across the room in frustration that I shouldn’t have to be doing this for myself.  I should have a help mate who can help when these things occur.  But I don’t and my neighbors next door on both sides are women and the neighbor across the street is male but shorter than me.  I’ve tried those extender pole light bulb changer thingy’s, the last time I broke the bulb off in the socket because it had been screwed in too tightly before I moved in.  So now it’s on the “next time you pay for an hour’s worth of services from the handyman service” list, and I”ll just live with a little darker kitchen for a while, in the house where I live – alone.



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