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A Humorous List For Dating Rules!

on August 15, 2014

18 Ugly Truths About Modern Dating That You Have To Deal With | Thought Catalog

I’ve given the “dating thing” a wide berth lately.  By the time you read this I will have let the last dating site membership expire.  (Note:  Just for the fun of it I changed the zip code on it for a month while I was in another state just to test the waters.  Yup – no hits here either!)

Of course these sites are only going to promote their successes!  But I would just LOVE to get the ACTUAL stats on how many people actually have success on them.  Meanwhile they just keep raking in the $$ because of desperate and lonely people.  OK, “desperate” might be a bit too harsh but you know what I mean.

It’s brutal out there, especially for “older” women.

So I saw this and thought I’d share.  Like I’ve said before – Netflix still my best companion!


One response to “A Humorous List For Dating Rules!

  1. Cheryl Lila Lafferty says:

    Thanks, Lynda! I really enjoy your blogs! Not necessarily always uplifting……….however, they let me know that I’m not alone! As I sit here ALONE on Friday evening with my 3 GSD’s as my companions, assembling a new larger bird cage for my parrot! WOO HOO!

    OH NOOO………I hope I’m not becoming ‘that’ crazy lady who’s always by herself with all those dogs & that loud ass bird! lol (Just kidding: I am not always by myself. I have friends down often & I socialize with my neighbors & friends on the Island.)

    Actually, on a positive note…….I choose to be doing this. I could hop on my golf cart and drive 2 blocks and be at the Marina and hang out with my neighbors and the weekend tourist listening to live music and dancing the night away. However, I am enjoying my alone time and doing something that actually gives me joy. And quite frankly, that’s the difference of being in my 50’s vs my 30’s and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

    My only regret is I wasted 10 years of my life on someone who didn’t deserve me. Perhaps it took that to find the peace I’m getting used to now?

    We need to get together!!!! Perhaps I should do a girl weekend for Labor Day? I can sleep 10 peeps (6 of us will have to double up because I have a 1 king, 2 queens & 4 singles.) Bring a girlfriend you like to sleep with! ~wink~ Cindy Milstead & I can double up, and that will leave room for 6 more ladies! Let’s put it together!

    If Labor Day doesn’t work……..I’d still love to have you down before the weather turns, although the Fall is lovely, too!

    My home number is: 409-737-9586

    Cheryl Lila

    PS) My home is fenced and dog friendly, so you can bring your babies!

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