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Emotions – Your Own Personal Roller Coaster!

on July 30, 2013

Saw a great post on Facebook the other day and had to run write it down so I wouldn’t forget to share it with you all!  It goes like this:

“Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions.”

It sounds so easy right?

Every day we are bombarded with so many choices, so many decisions, ups and downs and roundabouts.  How can you NOT be on an emotional roller coaster ride especially when you’re “alone” – a single who has to deal with most of what life throws at you all by yourself?

I have friends and family members who stand at the ready to help me when needed, but even they don’t want to be on call 24/7.    All the choices you have to make can be so overwhelming that you want to scream – or break something.  Yes, you get emotional and it feels like your world is spinning out of your control.  I admit it, I sometimes long for those days when I had a partner who I could share life’s challenges with.  It would be nice to know that someone was there to at least offer guidance when you have to make those really big decisions and value another’s input.

Do you ever feel more alone?

And you want me to “control” those emotions?  Seriously?

But I also understand that for my own “inner peace”, a healthy/happy mind and body, that I need to rein in those emotions at times and strive to find some way of finding some sort of release.  It’s not easy.  All our lives we’ve let people and events sway our thinking and influence the decisions we make and actions we take.

Some people get there with meditation, some find yoga or other calming activities helpful.  I haven’t really found mine yet but I’ve come close when I can escape away to the mountains, watch an amazing sunset or hold my new grand baby when it’s just she and I alone.

I’m a work in progress, but at least there IS progress . . .


3 responses to “Emotions – Your Own Personal Roller Coaster!

  1. Anna Cantos says:

    Reblogged this on somewhere i have never travelled and commented:
    An inspiring post which made me stop and re-think the way I make decisions….

  2. Anna Cantos says:

    I am a work in progress. It may sound cliche but so true.
    You have put my feelings (and I guess, a lot of women’s out there) into words so precisely.
    I have always tried not to let other people influence my decision making but it inevitably happens, over and over again.
    Keep up with your great posts.

  3. J. Chiles says:

    For me….I try to keep life as simple as possible. The less I have, the less I own……..the less I have to keep up with.
    And it is true…. no one can insult , be rude, or critical to you…..if you do not care and let them make you feel that way.. Jinx

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