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Happy Mother’s Day To All Moms!

on May 8, 2022
I had an awesome Mom. I lost her in 2019 just one month shy of her 101st birthday. She was an East Texas born firecracker her whole life. The good parts of me are attributable to her, she taught by example. Though I knew in my mind that the end was near, my heart chose to believe I would have her forever.

The photo today is from my first time being a Mother. My eldest, and as he refers to himself often, #1 son. Being a Mom is like no other experience you’ll ever have. The highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows, and sometimes both of those in the same 24 hours.

An experience I would never trade, even in the lowest of the lows because the highest of the highs are just plain magical. Now watching those that made me a Mom, being parents themselves? Well, it’s just the best.

So, here’s hoping that all of you have a most amazing Mother’s Day in 2022, and that you are shown the well deserved appreciation for having the title of “Mom” that you deserve.

Happy Happy Mother’s Day! : -)


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