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It’s The Week Of LOVE!!

on February 16, 2022

Happy Valentine’s (Gal’entine’s) week everyone. It’s been a full week and it’s not done yet. Started with watching the Super Bowl, no “dog in this hunt” but I did prefer one team over the other because of some of the players, their stories, their journeys . . . and they won.

Then – a sweet new neighbor, widowed within the past year, showed up at my front door with a flower bouquet and offered my a Happy Gal’entine’s message of cheer.

Then – I learned my “refinance” of this home was approved and I close tomorrow. You know we ladies of a certain age, and no “earned” income, face an uphill battle with banks, mortgages and the black hole of underwriters. BAM! Never missed a payment, fabulous credit score and still, it can be like pulling teeth.

Then – yesterday my other house that has had offers (some good, some ridiculous), faulty inspection reports, two different agents and so many house showings that the wood floor must need to be buffed, FINALLY got a “real” offer. We countered, we played the game, but we finally came to a deal. Inspections and appraisal in two days. First family in to NOT ask for all the walls to be painted, all new carpet, etc etc etc. They actually like my house the way it is – how refreshing?

Don’t wanna count my chickens though, so I’ll wait till after Friday to celebrate.

Then – last but not least, it’s been ten wonderfully full years of “Suddenly Single Women – the Blog”! Started just after Valentine’s Day 2012, it’s been a real learning experience and a very cathartic way to get to the “other side” post divorce.

My book published in 2016, becoming a #1 Best Seller on Amazon, then “THE” lawsuit from the ex (that I never really addressed on this site) happened. Six months of idiocy till he finally dropped it, then getting the book back up on the market. It’s never really fully recovered from the momentum it had.

But that’s OK. It was never published to make money, it never would have BUT it’s been read and appreciated by so many – and that was the purpose. To remind those women they were not alone, and to hopefully help them find their smile again.

So … hope your week is going great! Send up a prayer or two that the former house passes inspections and sells, but most of all Happy 10th Anniversary to all of us who write/follow/inspire this blog!


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