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Remember Those Who Served And Gave Everything – – –

on May 25, 2020

My Father was an “Army Man”.    He served in WWII and Korea.  My parent’s wedding actually had to be moved up due to his being “called up” for Korea.  My Mom, born in East Texas having jobs eventually in Corpus Christi and then Houston – where she met my Father, suddenly had to change all her wedding plans then pack up and head to Lacrosse, Wisconsin where his regiment was called up to prepare.  When your country called, you went – no questions asked.

It was never convenient, and rarely went as “planned”.  There’s a reason that they’re called “The Greatest Generation”.   They didn’t pout, protest or go on Twitter rants.  They served their country; there was a belief in a higher cause.  We lost alot of good men and women.

So today, we honor those who honored us so selflessly by giving their lives for our freedoms, for our “way of life” in America.   No matter your politics, today – put away your hate and let us remember those we lost and give them the honor they deserve.

I’m lucky that my Father came back, I wouldn’t be here if he hadn’t.  Today I pray for those families not as lucky as mine.  Memorial Day pays them the respect they deserve.  Let’s honor their memory.   My flag is flying.


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  2. Janice White says:

    Well said.

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