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Finding Your Lighthouse Beacon – – –

on October 26, 2012

Stormy seas, rocky shores, waves crashing,  black skies and starless nights – such calamities awaited sailors before there were lighthouses built to guide them safely into port.  Some days I feel like the only things out there facing me are stormy seas that I cannot see how to navigate through.  I search for my lighthouse beacon and I cannot seem to locate it.  Do you ever have days and nights like that?

I’ll get frustrated and rant and rave in my brain because I do not understand why such bad things happen to a good person.  I am a good person, I do the right thing even when it causes me pain.  I live and play by the rules because I think those rules are there for a reason.  Yep, I am a rule follower.  If it says “No Left Turn”, then I drive out of my way to turn left where there IS a left turn allowed.  If I know I’m exiting the freeway in a mile, I’ll go ahead and move over to the right in preparation.  I do NOT cut in at the last minute.

“Why do bad things happen to good people?”  I’ve heard that expression my entire life and have never heard an answer to it.  My friends have lost their husbands, really good and loving men, to cancer and I wonder why?  I look around and see men my age leaving their beautiful wives, women my age, for younger models and I wonder why?  Last year my city was heartbroken when three young children were left as orphans when both their parents were killed in an automobile collision coming home from a family vacation and we were left to wonder why?  What had these children done to deserve this?

The answer?  Absolutely nothing.  Sometimes there are no clear cut answers to why things happen.  We can totally drive ourselves crazy trying to figure out the “why” when there really isn’t an answer.  I believe in a higher being, and I have to believe that he/she knows the “why” and it just hasn’t become clear to me yet.  That higher being has to be my lighthouse beacon in the dark, helping me to find a safe port in any storm that life may throw at me.  I believe I would call that having “faith” that I can get through anything that’s thrown at me.

So I will continue to follow the rules, and I will still always try to do the right thing because it brings a certain stability to my life that I need.  But fair warning, if you try to cut me off at the last minute to make your exit and you haven’t waited your turn in line, I just may not let you in – – – just sayin’!


One response to “Finding Your Lighthouse Beacon – – –

  1. Kathy Jensen says:

    There’s a wonderful book, “When Bad Things Happen to Good People” by Rabbi Kushner who lost his son that you should read. It was written many years ago, but still very pertinent in this day and age.

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