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Valentine’s Day – UGH!!

on February 15, 2012

Valentine’s Day – what’s it like for a single woman???  SUX!!  My college boyfriend proposed to me on Valentine’s Day.  Nine months later, he decided he’d rather go to Law School with his best friend than graduate and marry me.  Hmmmm???  Then came the next BF, our first date was on Valentine’s Day, I married him and 30 years later he leaves me after our 30 year marriage.  Over the years, Valentine’s Day was something I tried to celebrate as the anniversary of something wonderful – but now I know that it was just a sham.  Last year, after a horse accident, I was on crutches and the man I was dating (or thought I was) brought me lunch and roses.  I was so taken aback, and so “falling in love” that I allowed myself to think “this one is a good one, this one won’t break my heart”.  Nope – what I shoulda been thinking was “this one is just like all the rest”!!  He had only been divorced a couple of years and was not any where NEAR done playing the “I’m free – woo hoo” game.  So this year’s Valentine’s Day was spent alone with the dogs.  You know, the four legged critters that love YOU unconditionally.  Maybe I’m on to something . . . . . . .Image


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